Modern Appliances for the kitchen

Today’s appliances are not like your grandmother’s appliances. Whether you’re looking to replace a dishwasher, oven, or refrigerator, you will be quite pleased with not only the selection available today, but also the features offered on modern appliances.

Dishwashers are available in a variety of styles and finishes. Consumers may choose from sleek finishes with no visible controls on the face to the more typical dishwashers with knobs or buttons on the face. Aside from appearance, modern dishwashers offer sanitary rinse cycles, enhanced sound packages for quiet operation, and they are available in white, black, biscuit, and stainless steel. Many dishwashers are Energy Star compliant. This guarantees reduced consumption of electricity and water as deemed by the EPA. Many states offer rebates as high as $100 with the purchase of Energy Star qualified appliances.

Whether gas or electric, today’s ovens are loaded with features. Some include the steam clean option, a hidden baking element, and easy clean glass tops. Gas stoves offer an advanced feature called accu-simmer technology. This maintains a consistent flame and temperature of the burner. For those who prefer electric stoves, a similar feature is offered. In the electric model, accu-bake technology helps control uniform baking throughout the oven, maintaining consistent in-oven temperature that will not vary greater than five degrees. Both ovens offer a convection baking function which uses a fan to move the heat around and cook more evenly. Ovens are available in a standard thirty inch size, but are also available in larger sizes. Consumers can also choose from free-standing, slide-in, and drop-in models. As with the dishwashers, ovens are available in biscuit, black, white, or stainless steel. Ovens are not Energy Star rated.

Refrigerators come in various sizes and shapes including side-by-sides, the French door models which have the freezer on the bottom, and the traditional design. Refrigerators are available in electric only and come in biscuit, white, black stainless steel, and satina. Satina is a silver paint used to provide the look of stainless without the fingerprints. Certain models are technology enhanced offering features which fill a container with the desired measurement of water with the push of a button. Some refrigerators are Energy Star qualified and meet EPA standards for conservations of resources. Like the dishwashers, many states reward consumers for purchasing Energy Star rated refrigerators by offering rebates up to $100.