How to Plan a Media Room for Your Home

A rising trend in today’s homes is to have a media room. This room can serve a variety of different purposes from an office to a home theater or both. Many however, simply stage the room to look like a home theater. You may be asking yourself what will need to go into planning your media room.

-What kind of TV? Research your local stores and prices for sales on a big screen LCD TV. Depending on how big your media room is and how many it will seat, consider buying at least a forty seven inch wall mountable screen or bigger.

-Do I want surround sound? Many TV’s come with surround sound built in, but if you’re planning a media room, you can’t go wrong with a powerful sub woofer. There is nothing like having “true” surround sound for your media room to be able to enjoy the full effects of the movie of your choice.

-What kind of lighting should I use? Typically, adjustable canned lighting makes the best lighting for a media room. At full brightness you can see what you need to see, such as movie titles. If you dim the lighting down, you can provide just enough light to see the exit of the media room and not be disturbed during a movie.

-What kind of furniture? This is the most important part of planning a media room. After all, you want to be comfortable while watching a movie, and having a comfortable pieces of furniture is the only way to ensure that the experience is enjoyed. You can actually order theater type seating with cup holders and reclining chairs. Another alternative is to order recliners that can be put together for a theater type experience. Couches can also make for comfortable chairs during a game or movie.

With today’s economy, planning a media room will have more upfront costs, but will also be something to enjoy whenever you’d like, even in the comfort of your pajamas. No more dressing the kids, listening to the whining until you get the to theater. A media room gives you a lot of opportunity for fun family nights and helps your family to grow closer throughout the years.