Choosing your Countertops for your Kitchen Remodel

There are virtually thousands of ways to go when considering a counter-top remodel in your kitchen. Dozens of companies will attempt to allure you into their new choice to go green with their revolutionary choices, or entice you with wholesale prices. As a result there are lots of choices out there, but the reality of it is there are three very familiar choices almost all home owners end up going with: Formica, Corian, and Granite.

First, let’s weigh the idea of Formica as a choice. While some people might argue that Formica is very Plain Jane, it has a larger variety of colors to choose from. Formica countertops are also very durable as long as you don’t set a piping hot metal pan on the it, because the heat may create a burn. On the up side, Formica is a very affordable option at around $7 to $20 a square foot, with a median of $10 to $15. You can install your countertops for $100’s of dollars, compared to Corian and Granite, Formica (also referred to as “laminate”) is a great deal.

Corian is an affordable option but has few drawbacks like Formica. Corian can become easily scratched, however these scars can be buffed out easily. The material also is made from resin, and as a result has heat limitations. So you will have to be careful with placing hot pans on its surface too. DuPont Corian boasts over 100 colors to choose from, which puts this material in the running against Formica in the category of color. The interesting point on this, however, is that Corian’s color choices are a little more depth-involved and interesting than that of Formica. As the item of choice, Corian is a little more expensive, ranging from $40 to $65 per square foot, with a median price of around $50.

Granite, as most everyone knows, is the most expensive option and commands your top dollar. Granite is a naturally beautiful stone and comes in variety of interesting colors, though it is very heavy. As homes have become more luxurious granite has become more commonplace. Granite’s durability, some will say, is unparalleled and this makes up for its price. Be aware, however, that Granite can stain, so it needs to be kept sealed every 6 months. At around $60 to $120 per square foot, Granite Coutertops is a product that exudes class and sophistication coupled with interest. Shop around though, and you might just find it for the cost of Corian.

Respectively, the quality of the above discussed products ascends respectively with their price. Each material has its own pros and cons, but the decision is up to you the consumer. For Do-It-Yourself types, products that are easy on the wallet as well as the back might be the way to go. Consider existing décor, family life, maintenance, cost, and above all else kitchen life when making decisions in remodeling countertops and you will be happy with the end results.