Choosing Paint Colors for a Home

Everyone always seems to feel the same pressure when choosing paint colors for a home. While paint is rather inexpensive these days, it takes a considerable amount of work to paint a room. No one wants to spend two weekends in a row painting then repainting a bad color choice. This article will help you to choose some great colors for any room in your home.

Traditionally grays, tans, and whites are used for every room in the house. As fashion styles change we are starting to see a rise in the range of colors it is acceptable to paint the interior of your home with. All colors fit into three tones. The warm tone contains yellows, reds, tans, and oranges. The warm tone can also contain red-browns as well. The neutral tone contains grays and whites. While black is often considered a cold tone it can also be used as a neutral as well. The cold tone consists of blues, greens, and dark browns. Consider how you would like your home to feel before choosing a tone. Warm tones are great for earthy homes. They are welcoming and comforting. Cold tones offer a fresh and innovative feel. If you are undecided you might always choose a neutral tone.

Once you have the tone of your home in mind, you can start to choose colors. You will want to purchase a color wheel. A color wheel will help you pick colors for your accents. Accents should generally be painted in a darker or lighter shade of the original color or in a complimentary color. Complimentary colors are those that sit opposite each other on the color wheel. Choose your basic color then look opposite on the wheel to see its complimentary color. Accents such as molding, trim and ceiling paint is most often painted with a sheen. Paint with a sheen is considered glossy or semi-glossy. Painting walls with a sheen can also be acceptable. Glossy painted walls are also much easier to clean. You should consider painting kitchens in glossy sheen paint as well.

Make sure your colors flow from room to room. Painting an attached dining room to a living room two different tones is not going to work well. While painting does take considerable time, if you choose the wrong colors it isn’t the end of the world. Painting a room can add freshness in a much more economical way then buying new furniture can.