Planning that Big Move

When planning a move from your existing to home to your new home there are a lot of things to consider.First of all, you have to pack the entire house into boxes. This can seem incredibly daunting if you have a large home and lots of items to pack. You have to decide whether you would rather have movers do it or do it yourself. You level of trust that they will properly pack up everything is always a large concern. A compromise might be to pack your breakables and valuables yourself, and let the movers pack other items such as books, clothes, pots and pans…Once the packing is done then the logistics of the move start up. You can sell home fast.

A large moving truck may be needed to move your belongings to your new home. This can be time consuming if it is a long distance move.  And, if it is a long distance there will also be cars that will need to be moved. You can also plan on staying in hotels for several days in a cross country move. If you need equipment moving services for large equipment then that will have to be planned also. Once you have arrived at your new home then the unboxing of your belongings will begin. This can be an arduous process as you try yo decide where to put items and organize everything the way you want it. This can be compounded if your new home is not as large as your old home and you did not have a large estate sale to part with some of the items you don’t have room for in your new home. Once this is all done then you can relax and start to enjoy your new home. Don’t forget to transfer those utilities into your name or you may be sitting in the dark for the first several days.