Refurbishing that Patio Furniture

Its Spring and Summer is just around the corner. With the nice weather and longer days comes time to sit out on the Patio and share drinks and great conversation with your friends and family. You will need patio furniture, sun umbrellas, a good sturdy table and lots of ice and drinks. But, many of us have all this already and usually the furniture is in good shape, but the pillows have worn out. In that case it is time to look at new outdoor seat cushions for your chairs, loungers and couches. These range from $30 to $100 each and can be great way to completely change the look of your patio without breaking the bank. You may also want to consider a new umbrella if yours is starting to tear and accumulate holes in it. Another great option to consider is an umbrella mosquito net and umbrella lighting. Adding these final touches can make the difference between a bug ridden night outside, and a pleasant night out in a cool breeze listening to the birds chirp. Either way nothing beats a great night in the Spring weather enjoying mother nature with a nice glass of tea in your hand and a comfy chair to sit in.